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School Exams September 2017

Dr Stress Exam Prep 2017



2nd October, 2017

May Takahashi has sucessfully won a very tight race to become the next Student Trustee.

Congratulations May and a huge thank you to Tagan Stringer who has represented the students over the past year.


Motueka High School – an example of a high school doing innovative things

14th September, 2017

Motueka High School had a write up in the Environmental Education for Sustainability Strategy and Action Plan.Rose Hipkins citied Motueka High School as an example of a high school doing innovative things with curriculum at the recent Deputy Principals Conference held in New Plymouth recently

Student Smartphone Winner – Opportunities Beyond School

13th September, 2017
Motueka High School Library and Motueka Library (Michele Ayres and Janine Gillons)  collaborated on a project this year to deliver a series of sessions to school leavers on Opportunities beyond school.
Speakers from Motueka community gave their time to present budgeting, work skills, job opportunities, easy cooking,  gap year and travel.
Noel Leeming kindly  donated a Samsung Smartphone for one lucky student attending these sessions. This was won by 2017 school leaver Pounamu Soochoon.
Pounamu was presented with her phone in Year 13 levels assembly by Motueka High School Librarian Michele Ayres

Please see the Events listing for the latest updates

14th November, 2016

2016 Scholarship Winners

10th November, 2016

Motueka High School wishes to congratulate the 2016 scholarship and major prize winners. These young men and women are well educated and well prepared for their future challenges whether entering future study or the workforce. Our thanks to all the scholarship sponsors for their generous donations and ongoing support of Motueka High School. They are: • Kina Beach Trust • Grete Smith Memorial Trust • McKee Trust • ITM • Manoy Trust • Nelson Federation of Graduate Women Trust • W.E. Rowling Trust • Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology • Safe and Sound • Shirley Hobson Riwaka Educational Trust • University of Otago.

aaron-bunn-head-boy-2016-university-of-otago-alumni-appeal-entrance-scholarship-top-5-all-round-studentAaron Bunn – Head Boy – University of Otago Alumni Appeal Entrance Scholarship






hine-markham-nicklin-head-girl-maori-studetn-achievement-top-maori-senior-science-good-fellowship-and-kina-scholarshipHine Markham-Nicklin – Head Girl – Kina Beach Scholarship






hannah-gordonHannah Gordon – Dux – McKee Trust Scholarship for Excellence in Science, AICA Chemistry Prize, University of Otago Leaders of Tomorrow Entrance Scholarship, University of Otago Vice Chancellors Scholarship and Kina Beach Scholarship





rachael-wood-kina-scholarship-safe-and-sound-scholarship-top-5-all-round-studentRachael Wood – Kina Beach Scholarship and Safe and Sound Scholarship






jack-tibbs-proxime-accessit-kina-scholarship-top-year-13-student-contactJack Tibbs – Proxime Accessit






abby-seymour-arts-captain-grete-smith-scholarship-top-all-round-studentAbby Seymour – Grete Smith Memorial Scholarship for Creativity, Top All Round Student






risi-pouri-lane-itm-scholarship-kaitaunaki-whanauRisaleaana Pouri-Lane – ITM Sport Performance Scholarship






jemima-meegan-manoy-scholarshipJemima Meegan – Manoy Scholarship






eden-meser-jeremy-temple-white-prize-nelson-fed-of-graduate-women-trust-jaycee-cup-for-year-13-speechEden Meser – Nelson Federation of Graduate Women Trust Study Award






fletcher-frater-top-year-13-boy-science-sponsored-by-network-tasman-and-top-year-13-student-overall-statistics-calculus-academic-blueFletcher Frater – W.E. Rowling Memorial Scholarship Nominee






lani-richards-nmit-scholarship-top-form-class-leaderLani Richards – Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology Scholarship






brooke-kenning-1Brooke Kenning – Shirley Hobson Memorial Riwaka Educational Scholarship






????????????????????????????????????Kendall Spark – Kina Beach Scholarship


2016 Senior Prizegiving award and Scholarship recipients

10th November, 2016

NCEA Level 3

Max McAlpine, First equal in Music,

Tori Walls, First equal in Outdoor Education,

Morgan Barker, First in Gateway,

Billy Bathgate, First equal in Music,

Ellie Dennis, First in Digital Technology,

Brooke Kenning, First in Primary Industries,

Laura-Alice Langridge, First equal in Outdoor Education,

Dale Carter, First in Engineering,

Georgia Elliston, First in English, High Achiever in Graphics

Hayley Garlick, First equal in Drama, High Achiever in Painting

Birte Hildebrand, First in Food and Nutrition, High Achiever in Geography & Tourism

Rachael Wood, First in Horticulture, High Achiever in Calculus & Physics

Fletcher Frater, First in Statistics, High Achiever in Calculus, Chemistry & Physics”

Abby Seymour, First in History & Painting, High Achiever in English

Eden Meser, First in Photography and first equal in Drama, High Achiever in Media Studies

Tess Haunch, First in Geography & Physical Education, High Achiever in Graphics

Hine Markham Nicklin, First in Media Studies and first equal in Design, High Achiever in Biology & Young Enterprise

Jack Tibbs, First in Accounting & Distance Learning (Economics),High Achiever in English & Statistics

Heidi Grainger, First in Graphics & Tourism and first equal in Design, High Achiever in Photography

Hannah Gordon, First in Biology, Calculus, Chemistry & Physics”, High Achiever in History

NCEA Level 2

Zoe Lightfoot, First in Tourism,

Zoe Cowling, First in Painting,

Benjamin Cudby, First in Engineering,

Ryan Whittaker, First in Sport and Leadership,

Ellen O’Cain, First in Design,

William Davis, First equal in English,

Victoria Binns, First in Fabric Technology,

Kase Walker, First in Music,

Tania-Rose Hausman, First in Gateway,

Krystina O’Connor-Jurgens, First in Photography,

Tia Winkler Stringer, First in Outdoor Education,

Luke Rubie, First in Horticulture,

Thorben Peppler, First in English as an Additional Language,

Sydnee Wilkins, First in Physical Education,

Josh Wemyss, First in Chemistry, High Achiever in Mathematics

Mitchell Archibald, First in Automotive Engineering, High Achiever in Graphics

Quin Vuiyasawa, First in Furniture and Building, High Achiever in Music

Megan Hendren, First equal in Dance, High Achiever in Physical Education & Tourism

Zion August, First in Health, High Achiever in Biology & History

Shania Pascoe, First equal in Drama, High Achiever in Biology & Physics

Laura Wilkinson, First in Biology and first equal in Drama,

Sophia Motley, First in Digital Technology & Distance Learning (Accounting), High Achiever in History

Maia Piggott, First in Food and Nutrition and first equal in Dance,High Achiever in Health

Jack Coakley, First in French & History and first equal in English,

Simon Vincent, First in Graphics & Mathematics and first equal in Physics, High Achiever in Biology (Level L3) & Chemistry

NCEA Level 1

Shaquille Rangi, First in Physical Education,

Cadyn Goodman, First in Primary Industries,

Antonia Lerbs, First in French,

Stella Stevens, First in Drama,

Connor Black, First in Music,

Cherees du Plessis, First in Outdoor Education,

Sarah Sowerby, First in Media Studies, High Achiever in Graphics

Susie Adams, First in Engineering, High Achiever in Science

Lauren Walker, First in Horticulture, High Achiever in Geography

Samantha Krammer, First in Furniture and Building, High Achiever in Visual Art

Dane Chea, First in Dance, High Achiever in Food and Nutrition

Karen Sangha, First in Accounting, High Achiever in Digital Technology & Science

Pamela Currie, First in Food and Nutrition, High Achiever in English, Mathematics & Physical Education”

Casey Boyes, First in Digital Technology & Mathematics,

Hannah Gale, First in Geography & Health,

Ella Ward, First in Fabric Technology & History, High Achiever in Visual Art, English & Science”

Jasmin Mosimann, First in Visual Art, Distance Learning (German), English, Graphics & Science, High Achiever in Mathematics

Special Prizes

Arts Captain, Abby Seymour

Arts Captain, Jack Ayers

Community Services Captain, Jordan Francois

Community Services Captain, Laura-Alice Langridge

Environmental Captain, Conor Kennedy

Environmental Captain, Hayley Garlick

International Student Captain, Jamie Cudby

International Student Captain, Hannah Gordon

Kaitaunaki Whanau, Peyton Neha Manihera

Kaitaunaki Whanau, Risaleaana Pouri-Lane

Sports Captain, Samantha Trevurza

Sports Captain, Tess Haunch

Head Boy, Aaron Bunn

Head Girl, Hine Markham Nicklin

Best contribution to Performing Arts, Kase Walker

Board Of Trustees Student Representative, Tori Holden

Cameron Prize for Digital Technology, Sophia Motley

Design Work In Clothing Prize, Victoria Binns

Engagement in Calculus Award, Kendall Spark

Jeremy Temple White Prize “To encourage the pursuit of art in either a recreational or vocational field”, Eden Meser

Joanna Bastings Memorial Cup for Excellence in Year 12 English, Ra Buchanan

Migrant Student Academic Achievement Award, Eduardo Madia

Motueka High School Cup Manage Self, Have Respect, Strive to Learn, Emma Gillions

Most Improved Maori Language Student, Canaan Neha Manihera

Primary Industries Year One, Cadyn Goodman

Speech Prize Year 13 Jaycee Cup, Eden Meser

State Cinema Cup for application and effort in Sound and Lighting, Michael Pickering-Webb

Top Form Class Leader, Lani Richards

Top Year 11 Girl Science sponsored by Network Tasman, Jasmin Mosimann

Top Year 11 Boy Science sponsored by Network Tasman, Hunter Chung

Top Year 12 Girl Science sponsored by Network Tasman, Shania Pascoe

Top Year 12 Boy Science sponsored by Network Tasman, Simon Vincent

Top Year 13 Girl Science sponsored by Network Tasman, Hannah Gordon

Top Year 13 Boy Science sponsored by Network Tasman, Fletcher Frater

Top Year 11 Student Contact, Molly Faulkner

Top Year 12 Student Contact, Isaac Bensemann

Top Year 13 Student Contact, Jack Tibbs

Weka Literary Prize Poetry, Stella Stevens

Weka Literary Prize Prose, Sarah Sowerby

Good Fellowship, Hine Markham Nicklin

Good Fellowship, Luke Cunningham

Whenua Iti Outdoor Education Award, Emma Arp

Year 12 Good Person, Good Paddler, Ben Cudby

Year 13 Good Person, Good Paddler, Dale Carter

Top Year 13 Student Overall Statistics & Calculus, Fletcher Frater

Motueka High School Environmental Award – In recognition for a positive contribution to the awareness of the Tasman natural environment, and the school’s biodiversity enhancement work, Hayley Garlick

Year 11 Outdoor Education Achievement Award, Hunter Chung

Megan Hebberd Memorial Cup for Leadership in Outdoor Education, Laura-Alice Langridge

AICA Chemistry Prize NCEA L3, Hannah Gordon

McKee Trust Scholarship for Excellence in Science, Hannah Gordon

Maori Student Achievement Tuakana Maori, Hine Markham Nicklin

Nga Toa Ngaki Kai Hort Research Science Award for Top Maori Senior Science Student, Hine Markham Nicklin

AICA Chemistry Prize NCEA L2, Simon Vincent

Faith Jackson Trophy for Top Student in Year 12 Mathematics, Simon Vincent

Institute Of Physics Prize for NCEA L2, Simon Vincent

Grete Smith Memorial Scholarship for Creativity, Abby Seymour

ITM Sport Performance Scholarship, Risaleaana Pouri-Lane

Kina Scholarship, Jack Tibbs

Kina Scholarship, Kendall Spark

Kina Scholarship, Hannah Gordon

Kina Scholarships, Rachael Wood

Kina Scholarships, Hine Markham Nicklin

Manoy Scholarship, Jemima Meegan

McKee Trust Scholarship Nominee, Georgia Elliston

Nelson Federation Of Graduate Women Trust Study Award, Eden Meser

Safe and Sound Scholarship, Rachael Wood

Shirley Hobson Riwaka Educational Scholarship, Brooke Kenning

W.E. Rowling Scholarship Nominee, Fletcher Frater

NMIT Scholarship, Lani Richards

University of Otago Alumni Appeal Entrance Scholarship, Aaron Bunn

University of Otago Leaders of Tomorrow Entrance Scholarship, Hannah Gordon

University of Otago Vice Chancellors Scholarship, Hannah Gordon

W.E. Rowling Scholarship Nominee, Fletcher Frater

Top of the South Trades Academy Student of the Year Award for Adventure Tourism Leadership Level 3, Amanda Fitisemanu

Manoy Scholarship, Jemima Meegan

Top All Round Student, Abby Seymour

Top 5 All Round Student, Rachael Wood

Top 5 All Round Student, Aaron Bunn

Top 5 All Round Student, Hannah Gordon

Top 5 All Round Student, Abby Seymour

Top 5 All Round Student, Hayley Garlick

Academic Blue, Rachael Wood

Academic Blue, Jack Tibbs

Academic Blue, Fletcher Frater

Academic Blue, Hannah Gordon

Academic Blue, Abby Seymour

Proxime Accessit, Jack Tibbs

Dux, Hannah Gordon

Board of Trustees Election Results

7th June, 2016

Declaration of Board of Trustees Parent Election Results

At the close of nominations, as the number of valid nominations was equal to the number of vacancies required to be filled, it was declared by the Returning Officer, that the following were duly elected:

Boissevain, Sue; Johnston, Leeon; King, Bashan; Maru, Brent; Pouri-Lane, Lealofi,

Board of Trustee Student Representative

1st October, 2015

Congratulations Tagan Stringer who is our newly elected Board of Trustee Student Representative.  Tagan takes over from Tori Holden in this role.  It is the first time in the schools history that a Year 9 student has been elected.  Thank you Tori for the excellent contributions you have made whilst on the Board of Trustees.

Emerging Talent Scholarship Applications – Closing Date 30 October 2017

5th August, 2015

As an extension to our Gifted and Talented programme for Year 8 students and in preparation for students seeking tertiary scholarships (i.e. Kina, McKee and Manoy), Motueka High School are offering 3 scholarships to recognize emerging talent for three Year 9 students in 2017:



  • Registration in or attendance of at least one Gifted and Talented workshop at Motueka High School in Year 7 or 8.
  • Completion of an application form and essay submission by 30 October 2017.
  • Must be a New Zealand resident.
  • Must attend Motueka High School for Year 9 and 10 to receive the scholarship.



  •  Two years free school fees at Motueka High School (includes school and course fees only, not extra-curricular activities).
  • Provision of a school uniform package (one off issue).
  • Provision of stationery (one off issue).
  • Acknowledgment of scholarship in local and school media and at sponsors’ premises.


CLOSING DATE:                                                 30 October 2017 

Shortlisting Review by Panel:                    2 November- 6 November 2017

Successful Applicants Advised:                 8-10 November 2017

Unsuccessful Applicants Advised:            8-10 November 2017

Please submit your application to Nicki Saunders-Loder, Motueka High School or by email – by the close off date.

Cultural Education Signing Ceremony – Motueka High School & Supporting Partners

23rd July, 2015

Back in May 2015, we reached a significant milestone in raising funds from our community, iwi and other organisations to enable us to build a Cultural Education Centre at Motueka High School.  To recognise our achievements at that stage – a signing ceremony was held.  Below is a link to the footage of that ceremony.

We again take this opportunity to thank ITM, NBS, NRAIT, Wakatu, The Canterbury Community Trust and look forward to seeing the Cultural Education Centre built in the near future.


Upcoming events

Labour Day : Monday 23 October 2017
Sports Prize-giving : Wednesday 25 October 2017
6pm School Hall
TSS Rugby 7’s Snr Championships : Wednesday 25 October 2017
Neale Park, Nelson
Arts Prize-giving : Thursday 26 October 2017
Please note new date 26/10/2017 at 7-8.30pm
TSS Rugby 7’s U15 Championships: Wednesday 1 November 2017
Endeavour Park, Picton
TSS Snr Volleyball Championships: 4/5 November 2017
Stadium 2000, Blenheim
NCEA Exams commence Thursday 9 November 2017
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TSS Jnr Tournament Div 2: Friday 10 November 2017
Saxton Stadium, Stoke
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