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Student Leaders & Student Contacts

There is a wide range of opportunities for students to make a difference and to demonstrate leadership. Leadership development is a major strength of this school and we actively nurture the potential in individuals. There are 20 designated Captains or Head Student roles in Year 13, and many more opportunities to lead and participate in other groups and forums that are open to all.


Head StudentsLaura Wilkinson & Ben Cudby
BOT Student RepresentativeTagan Stringer
Arts CaptainsLucy Johnston & Charley Tuuta
Sports CaptainsSydnee Wilkins & Marvin Strub
Community Service CaptainsMorag Shelling & Michael Pickering-Webb
KaitaunakiJayme-Rae Anae & Canaan Neha-Manihera
International Liaison CaptainsTori Binns & Johan D’Hondt
Environmental Captains – Zion August & Mark Dyson
House Captains – NUKU (Green) – Maia Piggott & Tate Roberts / ANGI (Yellow) – Stevie Inch & Jade Kenning / AHI (Red) – Noah Appleton & Tori Holden / WAI (Blue) – Ellen O’Cain & Jacob Bowdler

Student ContactsYear 11 – Amber Goodall, Jade Heath-Keen, Kimberly MacLean, Jess Tibbs, Bryn Boyes, Isaac Bunn, Sebastian Mataric, Andre Pienaar / Year 12 – Isabella Braxton-Baily, Pamela Currie, Lucy Roborgh, Ella Ward, Shaun Dennis, Awatea Teaukura, Kyle Wilson / Year 13 – Zion August, Zoe Lightfoot, Erika Saunders, Noah Appleton, Jacob Bowdler, Michael Pickering-Webb, Charley Tuuta, Tobias Vincent

NCEA Endorsements 2016

Endorsements Level 3

Excellence – Fletcher Frater, Hayley Garlick, Hannah Gordon, Abby Seymour

Merit – Jasmine Barker, Aaron Bunn, Jamie Cudby, Georgia Elliston, Heidi Grainger, Tess Haunch, Hine Markham, Jemima Meegan, Eden Meser, Kendall Spark, Jack Tibbs, Rachael Wood

Endorsements Level 2

Excellence – Jacob Bowdler, Simon Vincent, Sophia Motley

Merit – Noah Appleton, Zion August, Tori Binns, Lauryn Calteaux, Jack Coakley, Ben Cudby, Will Davis, Sofie de Blauw, Mark Dyson, Jennifer Guthrie, Molly Hiles, Tori Holden,  Shania Pascoe, Michael Pickering-Webb, Maia Piggott, Abigail Roxburgh, Morag Shelling, Josh Wemyss, Sydnee Wilkins, Laura Wilkinson, Tia Winkler-Stringer

Endorsements Level 1

Excellence – Dane Chea, Hunter Chung, Pamela Currie, Cherees du Plessis, Hannah Gale, Jemma Garland, Jasmin Mosimann, Marlene Naude, Sarah Sowerby, Stella Stevens, Chevy Walker, Lauren Walker, Ella Ward, Rheanna Wood, Karen Sangha

Merit – Susie Adams, Imogen Agnew, Cheyenne Bailey, Brendan Barton, Peyton Blackman, Casey Boyes, Isabella Braxton-Baily, Emily Elliston, Molly Faulkner, Josh Giles, Nathan Goode, Jack Gorrill, Jade Hartlaub, Jenna Heywood, Alana Inglis-Beckett, Brittany Iorns, Jamie Jones, Samantha Krammer, Jan Lammers, Antonia Lerbs, Isaac MacButler, Joe MacLennan, Lily McClintock, Zephyr McGowan, Bright Muaengmi, Ethan Penman, Zion Perry, Shaquille Rangi, Bryn Richards, Frankie Richards, Cody Robinson, Lucy Roborgh, Samantha Simpson, Tui Vincent Turner, Astaria Vink, Jack Westenra


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Term 3 begins: Monday 24 July 2017
Board of Trustees meeting 24th July 5.30pm – Te Whare Taikura O Te Maatu
Open Evening : 6.30pm Tuesday 8 August 2017
6.30pm School Hall.  A chance for Year 8 students and their caregivers to ...[more]
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Term 3 ends: Friday 29 September 2017
Term 4 starts: Monday 16 October 2017
NCEA Exams commence Thursday 9 November 2017
The NCEA & Scholarship exam timetable is available for your smartphone ...[more]
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Term 4 ends: Friday 8 December 2017
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