​​​​​​​Art at Motueka High School

Year 9 Art options for 2023:

Art for Absolute Beginners

Wanted to try art but not confident? Teaching the absolute basics of Art in an easy to manage set of projects from basic drawing skills through to painting

Art for Artists

Already know a bit about art and want to explore it more, using a range of media over longer term projects. These could include: drawing, painting, sculpture and photography. Projects based on your interests

Digital Art

Learn how to communicate visually using images and text, “pictures paint more than a thousand words”. Learn to use Photoshop and Illustrator to get your message across by combining text and images. Design and make 2D and 3D design products such as posters, logos, models, signs, and illustrations

Year 13 Photography portfolio by Dearna Dadson

Year 12 Painting portfolio by Riley Smart

Year 13 Painting portfolio by Quinne Weber

Year  13 Photography portfolio by Shaar Walker

Year 12 Painting portfolio by Ben Cave