Year 9 Enrolment

Thank you for choosing Motueka High School.  We look forward to showing you the many opportunities that our school has to offer. 

With a roll of over 700 students and growing, students at Motueka High School enjoy diverse programmes full of opportunities both within and outside the classroom. We are very proud of outstanding and sustained student achievements in academic, cultural, sporting, outdoor education and leadership areas and know that this school has much to offer.

​​​​​​​We welcome all inquiries and are very happy to assist you in making this important decision for your future. Please contact us on phone 03 528 9050 or email


2022 Prizegiving Dates

1 September                    Rugby

20 September                 Netball

28 September                 Sports

21 October                        Arts

28 October                       Senior

9 December                     Junior

                Enrolment Dates

31 August                          Closing date

11 November                    Orientation Day                                                                                              

                2023 Term Dates

1/2 February                       Teacher-only days

3 February                          Year 9 and 13 start

6 February                          Waitangi Day

7 February                          Term 1 – all students

6 April                                  Term 1 ends

24 April                                Term 2 starts

30 June                                Term 2 ends

17 July                                  Term 3 starts

22 September                   Term 3 ends

9 October                           Term 4 starts

Welcome to Motueka High School