Sofie Ødegård from Norway on her experience at Motueka High School

Felix Popp from Germany on his experience at Motueka High School

“Hello, my name is Yu.  I’ve used this name for Kiwi jokes.  I appreciate how you guys are friendly.  I’m staying here for 17 months.  To my surprise, I’ve only got less than 3 months left .  I cannot believe that I’m starting to miss NZ.  I now understand internationals saying ” I don’t wanna go back home”.  I am from Osaka in Japan.  I had never seen mountains from my room.  I have never had Outdoor Education as a subject.  I came here to improve my English but I learned lots more things I would never see in Japan. Especially Outdoor Education helped me to find my dream.  It is just wonderful that New Zealand has many beautiful places to do kayaking, rock climbing, caving, hiking and fishing.  I loved when I was chased by birds when tramping.  I can feel nature everywhere in New Zealand. It is the best time ever I have had.  Sun rise in the morning at Kaiteriteri Beach, mountains beyond the sea, birds singing in trees on the way to school, heaps of sheep on farms, thousands of brilliant stars at night in the sky, girls playing rugby, eating kiwifruit with skin on, being barefoot everywhere, tramping in the holidays, hunting animals, speaking and reading English, and doing so much more stuff than in Japan.

My life in NZ has been great every single day.  I am aware of how lucky I am to have these coolest experiences I’ve ever had and want to thank you all for giving me 100% NZ pure adventures.

– Yu Isogai, Japan

“New Zealand was really awesome, I had a very good time here. I think I enjoyed Outdoor Education the most. The South Island is amazing and the funny thing is it looked like ‘The Lord of the Rings’. I met a lot of nice people here that I will never forget. It was a very good experience and I think I will visit New Zealand again.”

– Sergius Koller, Austria

“Time has flown since I arrived in late January and I am really not sure where it has gone! I have got so many lasting memories to take home with me such as the Outdoor Education Tramp, designing and making my very own bone carving, being part of the Netball United Team, being part of Senior Band and cooking delicious meals in Food Technology – my Mum will be quite impressed when she will see how my cooking skills have improved. And last but not least I have learned how to play the Ukulele!

Not only will I take lasting memories home, but I have got a lot of ideas to share with my school and classmates back in Germany. These include House Sports Day, Mufti Day and the High School Ball. Thank you once again, Motueka High School, for making my time so amazing!”

– Ines Kalscheuer, Germany