Drama at Motueka High School

Year 9 Dance options for 2022:

On The Stage: Want to strut the stage but too scared to? Do you want to develop confidence and have fun? Want to dress up and perform in a play? Come explore acting techniques with a range of performance opportunities! We dive into working with a range of scripts (small group, improvised and duologues). We select performing arts technologies (costume, lighting, makeup, props and set) for our class play. We explore different theatre forms (Melodrama and mime) and the skills involved in bringing scripts to life on the stage.

Junior Theatresports Competition 2021

Our Junior Team (Disco Diva’s) battled it out at Waimea College the night we went into lockdown. The 7pm show was interrupted multiple times by a cacophony of mobile phone alarm alerts. Regardless, our brave team battled on - well done Daniel, William and Brooke pictured at right.

2021 Junior Theatresports competition: Daniel, William and Brooke