Drama at Motueka High School

Year 9 Drama options for 2023:

On The Stage: Want to strut the stage but too scared to? Do you want to develop confidence and have fun? Want to dress up and perform in a play? Come explore acting techniques with a range of performance opportunities! We dive into working with a range of scripts (small group, improvised and duologues). We select performing arts technologies (costume, lighting, makeup, props and set) for our class play. We explore different theatre forms (Melodrama and mime) and the skills involved in bringing scripts to life on the stage.

TheatreSports 2022

Our esteemed leaders of play… Blake Heal and Lyn Siobhan lead Theatresports every Wednesday lunchtime in the Drama room. We develop improv skills, have fun and learn Theatresports games. Open to all. 

Drama Club

We meet every Tuesday during interval. We’re aiming to devise and /or organise for a school production for 2023. All creatives are welcome to come and have some fun! 


Upcoming Drama Performance events:

13 Drama class production - “Shakers”

  • Directed by Holly Druce
  • Imagine Theatre Motueka (next to New World)
  • 7pm
  • Saturday 17th September

Treat yourself to a fast-paced witty play set in 1985. Four waitresses of the “oh-so trendy” cocktail bar where everyone wants to be seen.  A wicked glimpse at the world of the long-time suffering waitresses and a range of characters explored from check-out chicks, t0 yuppies, offers a fascinating view of the reality that lurks behind plastic palms and Pina Coladas.

11/12 Drama class production - “Judas Zoo”

  • MHS hall
  • 7pm
  • Wednesday 21st September

The year is 2045 and in an aerial prison above Auckland twelve young offenders (computer criminals) are offered a deal by the warden: installing software for the prison in exchange for freedom. However, another secret deal involving deceit and double crossing threatens to bring the whole thing crashing to the ground.

And an update on our Drama classes…

Year 9 Drama - On The Stage

This new option subject is exploring a range of theatrical units from the History of Theatre to Directing and Performing. We’ll play with costumes, makeup and devise original theatre… as well as a class production in Term 4. Watch this space!

Year 10 Drama 

Developed a fabulous show which we toured to preschools at the end of Term 2. Thank you to Laura Ingram, Greenwood and Oasis for hosting our clowns, fairies and funnies. 

10 Drama on tour

11/ 12 Drama

Soldiered on throughout Term 2 coping with a rash of absences in the treacherous task of creating original Melodramas. Covid and flu were the definite villains, yet each group managed to mangle together some dastardly pieces of theatre! This term we are exploring the production process - blocking, line-learning, role development and staging of our class production “Judas Zoo”.

13 Drama

Term 2 saw the development of some fantastic original theatre. A range of issues (from body image to the right to vote to Thatcherism) were demonstrated in an Epic manner! Term 3 culminates in our class production “Shakers”. Year 13 Drama comes together as an ensemble - with a student director, student stage manager and the cast sharing the production technology responsibilities… Oh and acting! ​​​​​​​

2021 Junior Theatresports competition. Below: Daniel, William and Brooke

Junior Theatresports Competition 2021

Our Junior Team (Disco Diva’s) battled it out at Waimea College the night we went into lockdown. The 7pm show was interrupted multiple times by a cacophony of mobile phone alarm alerts. Regardless, our brave team battled on - well done Daniel, William and Brooke pictured at right.