Vision and Values


Belonging to the community:

  • We are a school that values its partnership with its community
  • We value the support we get from the community
  • We want to provide an excellent school for the students of our community


  • Our school is one that demonstrates respect for self, respect for others, and respect for the environment

Individual Worth

  • Every student who attends Motueka High School will experience success and have the opportunity to develop their full potential
  • Every student is valued as a unique individual
  • Every member of staff is valued as an individual and for their contribution to learning

Learning is Valued

  • As a school community, we value life-long learning
  • We believe in the importance of students knowing how to learn
  • We believe in developing an enthusiasm for learning among our students

Interwoven with these values are the Maori values of:

  • Aroha – empathy for others
  • Manakitanga – caring for others
  • Matauranga – seeking knowledge/gaining an education
  • Whanaungatanga – family and community sharing
  • Mana – respect for and from others
  • Wairua – spirituality
  • Mauri – life force

Our Vision Statements

We will be a school where:

  • Students reach their full potential
  • Students are proud to be attending
  • Learning is community and student-focused
  • Learning and teaching of the highest calibre occurs
  • A holistic (hau ora) approach to student development is evident
  • The community holds our school in high regard
  • All stakeholders are happy to be

Students who attend our school will:

  • Have a strong sense of who they are
  • Have pride in our school
  • Leave being able to contribute to and function in their community
  • Leave confident in their ability to learn, change, adapt, cope with set-backs and grow
  • Reach their full potential academically, culturally, and physically