Student Leaders & Student Contacts

There is a wide range of opportunities for students to make a difference and to demonstrate leadership. Leadership development is a major strength of this school and we actively nurture the potential in individuals. There are 20 designated Captains or Head Student roles in Year 13, and many more opportunities to lead and participate in other groups and forums that are open to all.

Senior Leaders 2022

Head Students: Jade Sundbye and Lucy Summerfield

Sports Captains: Tom Haunch and Riley Smart

Arts Captains: Anoushka van Boekhout-McKenzie and Evie Fox

Community Service Captains: Rain Byrne and Kate Burnett

International Captains: Holly Druce and Leah Werner

Kaitaunaki: Eden Bessant, Madi Wheki and Tiana Potaka

Haka Leader: Kaleb Atkin

Health Promotions Leader: Zoe Harrison

House Wizard: Leo O'Donnell

BOT Rep: Ai Takahashi

Blue House: William Mead and Hui Sheak

Red House: Louis Young and Willow Stebbings

Green House: Wolf O'Donahue and Kaleb Atkin

Yellow House: Lili Fitzsimmons and Molly Morris

2022 Head Students – Jade Sundbye (left) Lucy Summerfield (Right)​​​​​​​

2023 Head Students:

Nicole Gray and Aaron Bensemann